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Getting Hamachi working with the Raspberry Pi 3

I have been using Hamachi since first hearing about it on Security Now, over 10 years ago.  Hamachi is a hosted virtual private network solution that can create links with devices that are behind NAT firewalls.  Hamachi is able to do so by using server-assisted NAT traversal.  I mostly use it to access virtual machines from outside of my house. Continue reading


Why are the default credentials in the realm attribute?

Recently, I was poking around on Shodan (as I do when I am bored) and I stumbled across an interesting query.  If you search for “Default: admin/1234”, you get over 14,000 devices that are broadcasting their own default username and password.  The devices appear to be Edimax routers.  I reached out to both EmbedThis and Edimax to ask them about this.  EmbedThis said that it was added by the device manufacturer and Edimax neglected to respond to me.

Basic Auth Box

Default usernames and passwords are not a secret.  There are entire websites out there that catalog default usernames and passwords for devices but Edimax made it so that you did not even need to know the make and model of the device.  All you need to do it read the text on the authentication box.


How to recover a saved WiFi password in OS X

Everybody has been in this situation (Well, at least I have).  You are sitting in a coffeeshop and you need to connect your phone to the WiFi.  You have connected your laptop to the WiFi before but you can not remember the password.  You could get up and ask the barista for the password but that is a little bit of a hassle.  Well, since you have already connected to the access point on your laptop, you can look the password up on it.  I shall show you how.

Step #1: Open Keychain Access

'Open Keychain Access'

Step #2: Use the search box in the upper right corner to search by the SSID

Use the search box in the upper right corner to search by the SSID

Search by the SSID

Step #3: Select and open the record

Open the record

Step #4: Check “Show password”

Show password

It is that easy.


How to take screenshots in OS X

This is one of the first questions I had when I got this new laptop. It’s fairly simple (even if it isn’t all too memorable).

Command-Shift-3: Capture the entire screen and save it to a file on the desktop
Command-Shift-4 and then select an area: Capture a defined area of the screen and save it to a file on the desktop

Command-Control-Shift-3: Capture the entire screen and save it to the clipboard
Command-Control-Shift-4 and then select an area: Capture a defined area of the screen and save it to the clipboard

Alternately, you can use the grab utility within OS X.

OS X Grab Utility


How do I protect my Linux web server from viruses?

So, you want to run a web server and you are not the only person who will have the ability to upload files to it?  You might want to think about installing an antivirus scanner.  If you are running Linux (like I am), Clam AntiVirus is a good option.

So, how do you install it?

sudo apt-get install clamav

How do you update the virus definitions?

sudo freshclam

How do you scan the whole server for viruses?

clamscan -r /

If you want to scan the whole server for viruses and move any infected files, how do you do that?

clamscan -r –move=/home/administrator/quarantine /

So, the next step would be to set this task up in crontab, so it happens automatically, on a regular basis.


How to add a new user in Ubuntu Linux

So, you have installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu and you need to start setting things up.  What is the first priority? You need to create new user accounts.  To add a new account, you can use useradd.

sudo useradd -d [user’s home folder] -m [username]

The above command creates the user’s account and their home folder but you still need to create their password.  For that, you want to use passwd.

sudo passwd [username]

So, now that we have created the account, how do you delete it?  For removal of user accounts, there is deluser.

deluser [username]

Now, let us check out a real-world example.

Ubuntu Linux useradd and passwd commandsdeluser Ubuntu Linux CommandIt’s as easy as that.  Just remember that deluser won’t remove the user’s home folder.  You will need to do that yourself.


Internet Explorer 10 Plugins

I was genuinely curious how the metro version of Internet Explorer 10 would handle plugins.  I knew already that they would not be supported in the metro version of IE but how graceful would this be dealt with?  It appears that some are handled more gracefully than others.  If you look at the examples below, Flash is left looking very broken but Silverlight is handled in a very different way.  Interesting choice, Microsoft.


Sublime Text 2 on Windows 8: Initial thoughts

If you are like me, your first question after sitting down with a new OS is, how is this going to effect my coding?  I installed my favorite editor, Sublime Text 2, to see.  It looks like for non-metro apps like Sublime it just opens on the desktop.  Poking around, I’m not seeing any real issues.  I did notice that I’m accidentally opening IE a lot.  It is going to take a lot of time to get used to the start button not being there.  I definitely have no worries yet.